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No, fees are only collected once an item has sold and has been received and inspected by the buyer. A percentage of the seller's proceeds is deduct as part of the exchange fee.

The coordination of logistics is arranged through the Material Exchange platform. Upon checkout (NOTE: this is captured at registration), the buyer will be required to provide freight carrier account number or they will be able to utilize the provided freight carriers through EasyPost. The seller will receive notification of a purchased listing, and they will begin the fulfillment process by confirming they have the material on hand and is ready to ship. The seller will use the freight carrier information to arrange pickup.

Once the materials are received by the buyer, there is a 72-hour window for the buyer to inspect the materials to ensure they are in the condition as sold. Upon approval of the materials by the buyer, the funds from the transaction are released to the seller.

Receipt of the materials in the condition as sold will be assumed and the funds will be released to the seller after the 72-hour window has passed.


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